Paul Hair

How Should U.S. National Security Respond to Mexico? – Mexico is a national security threat to the U.S. So what is American national security doing in response?

After drug cartels murdered American citizens inside Mexico in early November, President Trump offered the Mexicans help in fighting back against them. Their president declined that offer. Nonetheless, the drug cartels will continue to be violent. And illegal aliens will continue invading America's southern border. And foreign countries will be free to continue penetrating our border.

So how should U.S. national security respond to these hostilities? What is U.S. Northern Command doing? What is the intelligence community doing? What plans does the White House have?

These are questions that people ought to be asking their officials and leaders. It doesn’t matter if America doesn't want Mexico to be an adversary. Mexico has chosen to be one. And the U.S. needs to deal with this reality.