Michelle Malkin's Daughter Chose…

Paul Hair

Michelle Malkin's Daughter Chose Vocational Career over College: This is good to hear and I don't think I've ever heard another prominent conservative reveal anything similar.

Conservatives love to talk about how terrible colleges are. In fact, they are so horrible, there are two websites devoted exclusively to reporting every day on just how bad they are (College Fix and Campus Reform). Yet I can't recall the number of times I've heard prominent conservatives boast about how their kids have gotten into this college or that university. If schools are really terrible (and they are) then why are conservatives still sending their kids there? I mean, if even conservative pundits aren't going to do anything to change the system, do they really think the average person--who is just trying to survive life--is going to do so?

So again, good to see that Malkin's kid is doing something different. Good to see that Malkin is apparently different from so many other conservatives.