How Turkey Used a Deception Op against the U.S. Preceding Its Attack in Syria

Defense Secretary Esper gives press conference on US military in Middle East
Defense Secretary Esper gives press conference on US military in Middle East

Secretary Esper is joined by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley for a media briefing. Earlier this morning the Pentagon announced they will...

Paul Hair

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On Oct. 11, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley gave a press conference explaining what the U.S. was doing in response to the Turkish attack on Kurds in Syria. The two leaders revealed that most everything being reported by journalists and spouted by pundits about it is wrong. Especially interesting is the fact that Esper and Milley confirmed that days before the attack, the Turks convinced the U.S. to persuade the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces to destroy fortifications in order to mollify Turkey. This reveals that the Turks conducted a deception operation against the U.S., pretending they wanted to resolve things peacefully when they actually were shaping the battlefield for their forthcoming fight. Literally, Turkey manipulated the U.S. and SDF into weakening SDF defenses, all the while it (Turkey) collected intelligence on where SDF forces were, their numbers and strengths, and so forth.

The Loftus Party published “U.S. & Turkey Conducted Joint Patrols in Syria 3 Days Ago” on Oct. 7. At the time I wrote it, I noted that the information (not published anywhere else as far as I know) was important, even as I wasn’t sure what it meant. And that key info was that “the U.S. and Turkey conducted joint patrols in Syria on Oct. 4. And on Sep. 29, Syrian Democratic Forces demolished fortifications in Syria to satisfy Turkish concerns.”

Why would Turkey launch an attack on the Kurds (Syrian Democratic Forces) only days after the U.S. had conducted joint patrols with it in SDF-controlled areas? And after the U.S., on behalf of Turkey, convinced the SDF to demolish fortifications in order to appease Turkey?

The answer, as it turns out, is because Turkey had conducted a deception operation against the U.S., its NATO ally.

The Oct. 11 press conference that Sec. Esper and Gen. Milley gave (a must-watch for anyone interested in what is happening) revealed a great deal of information about the Turks’ operation in Syria against the Kurds, along with how the U.S. was responding to it. And one of the interesting revelations was confirmation that the Turks had indeed lied to the U.S. in order to weaken SDF defenses, and to collect intelligence on the SDF—where their personnel were, what their numerical strengths were, what weapons they had, and so forth. Specifically, Sec. Esper makes this restrained and diplomatic statement starting around the 22:18 mark.

And, so, we thought we were making good progress on the security zone. We had begun, as you all know, joint ground and air patrols. We had established a combined joint operations center in southern Turkey. We were exchanging information. We were doing all the things we agreed to do. I can’t explain why they did what they did.

That is a nice way of saying the Turks deceived the U.S. And they did so knowing full well that the U.S. couldn’t fight them because of Turkey being a NATO member.

So as crazed journalists and pundits continue promoting hysteria and disinformation, ignore them. And know that Turkey conducted a deception operation against the U.S. in order to weaken SDF defenses and collect intelligence on them in preparation for the Turkish operation.

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