How the Chinese Takeover of Hollywood Is a National Security Threat

He who controls entertainment influences how people think.

Chinese actress Li Bingbing is filming a science fiction movie called, Meg. And while on the surface the most interesting part of this film might be its plot involving a prehistoric shark terrorizing in the present day, it really isn’t. The most interesting part about the movie is that it is another example of the Chinese takeover of Hollywood. And that takeover translates to being a growing national security threat.

Dark Horizons reported on Oct. 13 that Li and costar Jason Statham have started filming Meg in New Zealand. The site wrote that the movie is an “adaptation of the Steve Alten novel,” and that it’s about a presumed-extinct shark attacking “[a] deep-sea submersible” that “now lies disabled at the bottom of the deepest trench in the Pacific…with its crew trapped inside.”

But the post also reveals the Chinese influence on the production. The Japanese characters of the novel have (apparently) become Chinese in the movie. On top of this, Dark Horizons reports that, “Filming will also take place on location in China and the film is currently targeting a Chinese New Year 2018 [premier] in that country ahead of the rest of the world. . . .”

Digging a little into the past, Deadline reported in September that “[f]lagship Entertainment, China Media Capital division Gravity Pictures and Warner Bros Pictures are co-financing” Meg.

All this alone wouldn’t mean much if it was an isolated incident. (And who knows how well this movie will do.) But it isn’t an isolated incident. In fact, I’ve previously written on how the Chinese are infiltrating and taking over Hollywood, and how that is becoming a national security threat for the U.S.

How can Chinese gaining control over the entertainment industry be such a serious issue?

It’s a national security concern because of how entertainment influences and shapes culture. But it’s more than that. The Chinese takeover of the entertainment industry happened because of money. The combination of the growing wealth of the Chinese communists and the purchasing power of the Chinese people as a whole (over 1.3 billion people) is a lot of money. And money is power.

I wrote my first piece about this issue in April. Since that time concern about what the Chinese are doing in Hollywood has only grown. Media outlets such as USA Today, the New York Times, Politico, and Deadline have written about it.

U.S. congressmen are paying attention to what is happening as well.

Watch for the continued growth of Chinese influence in Hollywood. And as you watch for it, remember that it isn’t just a change in the status quo; it’s a national security threat as well.


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