How the Army Uses Virtual Reality to Train on the Stinger Weapon System [VIDEO]

Paul Hair

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It costs a lot of money to run the Department of Defense. Housing, food, uniforms, medical treatment, weapons and ammunition, and more. In fact, weapons and ammunition alone cost a lot of money. Firing an M16 with 5.56 ball ammo costs a lot. So imagine how much more it costs to fire the Stinger weapon system. Yet if troops don’t train on using it, they’ll lose the skills necessary to be proficient with it. So how do you balance training necessity against costs? Enter virtual reality.

Watch the above video to see how the U.S. Army incorporates a video game-like simulator into training to help soldiers maintain their knowledge and skills with the Stinger.

The simulator doesn’t eliminate the need for soldiers to fire the actual weapon, but it does supplement such training at a fraction of the cost.

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