How Media Are Deceiving You about a Female College Football Player [VIDEO]

Paul Hair

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Media are promoting Toni Harris, who signed a letter of intent to play at Central Methodist University, as a phenomenal football talent. Search the news about her and you’ll come away thinking she’s the greatest prospect in a generation. That’s wrong, of course, and a late February segment on FS1’s “Speak for Yourself” reveals the truth.

Back on Feb. 3, I wrote about how Toyota produced a female propaganda ad that ran during the Super Bowl. That commercial featured Harris, whom Toyota touted as just a wonderful football player. The latest news on her is that she is going to play at the collegiate level.

Even if you go to a website like Breitbart, you’re bound to come away thinking that Harris is some kind of special athlete. Here’s how author Dylan Gwinn wrote about her on Feb. 28.

Football history was made this week, when a 22-year-old woman became the first female football player to sign a non-kicker scholarship offer.

Toni Harris, a defensive back who aspires to play in the NFL one day, signed the Letter of Intent (LOI) from Missouri’s Central Methodist University on Tuesday.

Wow. She must just be the bee’s knees—the cat’s meow.

But the exact opposite is true. Watch the above clip from “Speak for Yourself.” That will show you what’s really going on.

Toni Harris isn’t a great football player. She’s terrible at it. But our media overlords are determined to make you believe the opposite, because they want to redefine reality.

And waging a War on Men is just one way they do that.

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