Hollywood in Toto Covers Michael’s Appearance on The Andrew Klavan Show!

Christian Toto highlights the duo’s Tuesday discussion about why you don’t see conservative late night shows.

Via Christian Toto at Hollywood in Toto:

Late night television is as ideologically diverse as a Daily Kos convention.

Show after show after show hammers the Right, ignores the Left and, in the case of Seth Meyers, actively hides reality if it hurts the progressive cause. . . .

So why won’t at least one network or streaming service open the format up to a right-leaning host? It makes sense on paper. . . .

. . . Michael Loftus has the unsettling answer.

Loftus, a conservative stand up and scribe behind shows like “Anger Management” and “Kevin Can Wait,” shared it this week with podcaster Andrew Klavan. . . .

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