Here’s Why I Won’t Debate Any Longer

Paul Hair

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In late December, The Daily Mirror trumpeted the following headline: “UK: Trans ‘Man’ and ‘Non-Binary’ Partner Give Birth Using ‘Female’ Sperm Donor.” It’s a perfect example of why I won’t debate any longer. After all, debate requires at least a tiny bit of common ground. And I have none left with the world.

Running colorfully fan dirt mezzeno pepper xkdfdd. Did you understand any of that? Of course not, because it’s complete gibberish. And how foolish would you have to be to attempt to debate with anyone who spoke like that? The same applies to people who are equally incoherent yet are promoted as otherwise by the ruling class.

In short, society has alienated me and I’ve no desire to engage with a significant number of people any longer.

So going forward, you won’t see much from me regarding making a case for this political argument, that cultural fight, or the latest in whatever. Sure, I may post stuff here and there for informational or other purposes. But I see no point in trying to convince anyone of what is right or wrong any longer.

It’s simply time for every man to pick the side he is going to be on. And the sides couldn’t be clearer.

Top Image: Excerpt of tweet from official Daily Mirror Twitter account.

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