Health Care for Illegals & Highest Gas Tax in Nation. Welcome to California!

Michael Loftus

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As an LA resident, it's a real headscratcher. What is Gavin Newsom doing? Is he really trying to drive the State of California into the dirt? He just signed a new $215 Billion budget that includes healthcare for illegals. And on Monday July 1st a new gas tax goes into effect, making gasoline in California the most expensive in the nation. So pretty much a tax that ONLY hurts the lower and middle classes. Thanks a lot for that.

Did I mention that the entire State of California is a train wreck? The roads are crap, the sidewalks are full of crap (to match the politicians) and the homeless problem continues to grow like something out of Mad Max or World War Z. This is not the best time to raise taxes or give away free healthcare.

Gavin, you got a real priority problem.

Newsom seems to have the welcome mat out for illegals while doing everything in his power to encourage actual taxpayers to leave. I don't know if this guy has ever played SimCity, but you kind of need taxpayers. They make government possible. This may come as a shock to Gavin but it's true.

So Monday the new gas tax kicks in. Everyone will bitch and moan. Friends will tell me to "just leave." (Trust me. It's becoming a REAL thought.) And life will get worse for taxpayers. Illegals will be hopeful as "Free Healthcare" gets closer and closer. The roads will get worse and the homeless problem will grow.

So... kind of a regular Monday in Cali.

How long can this continue? How much more can California take? Let's see. I'm only sure of one thing: It'll get worse before it gets better. And if you're here illegally? Hang in there. Looks like Gov. Gavin is gonna play Santa Claus for a while longer.

He doesn't give a shit about the elves that actually do the work.

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Are all Californians brainwashed? I would never move to Cali, they couldn’t handle my balls, and I’m a real girl that likes normal men? Nope they’d hate me, as I despise their lack of a backbone!