Google Insider Talks with Project Veritas, YouTube Targeting Right Wing Creators

Michael Loftus

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Here at The Loftus Party we've seen some strange activity on our YouTube channel. A steady growth in channel subscribers and views of videos has slowed dramatically. We'd like to think that there are lots of reasons for this. However the above video has us wondering what is REALLY going on.

We want to encourage everyone to subscribe to The Loftus Party channel on YouTube and keep sharing the videos! IF there is interference from Big Brother we have to do everything we can to keep different opinions in the public square.

This is a comedic site. Just like The Daily Show we only want to have some laughs and point out hypocrisy. Maybe enlighten some people along the way.

We don't want to think that tech giants are messing with us but who knows? So thanks for all your help. As we grow we have a better chance of really making a difference.

-- The Mgmt

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