Fun Tricks from the 'News'

Michael Loftus

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This one has been bugging me for a while. Maybe I should have saved it for a video but screw it. I wanted to write something today. It's fun to listen to the sound of my stupid little fingers attempt to type. Here's what has a burr in my saddle. I'm sure you've probably noticed it too, but here's my beef.

The media LOVES to give whatever story/narrative maximum attention and hype. Get everyone all worked up. That's stage one. Then they conduct some bullshit poll and surprise, surprise the people who watch their program are concerned about the story/narrative the media was just pimping. That's stage two.

Then they wrap themselves up in the findings of aforementioned poll and use those numbers to justify further reporting. It's a complete wag the dog. It drives me bonkers.

Is grape jelly killing Americans? Grape jelly responsible for countless deaths? Grape jelly is made from the devil's ass hair! Why aren't we doing something about grape jelly?!

A recent poll suggests 9 out of 10 Americans are terrified of grape jelly.

No SHIT!! You scared the hell out of everybody!

Because you're now worried about jelly we're going to do an extra hour of programming tonight on Action 7 news with World Jelly Expert Baron Von Dork.


I used jelly to try to get a cheap laugh but what the media does is far more insidious. Take what's alleged in the FISA abuse scandal. Media finds some crazy source/leak and writes a story. Gives the story plenty of airtime. Then the powers that be use the story as evidence to get a FISA warrant. That's terrifying. And it takes coordination. Trump may not be your guy but if they can (allegedly) do it to him? They can do it to anyone.

The real power won't be in the hands of the people, it'll be in the hands of anonymous sources (CIA/FBI) and the media. I don't want that. Don't think anybody does.

You can watch the Wag the Dog phenomenon in real time...tonight. As the media goes on and on about an impeachment inquiry. An impeachment inquiry is a nothing. Unless Pelosi puts it to a vote, it's a nothing. All smoke and mirrors. In the mean time the media is going to go on and on and on about it, in an attempt to boost poll numbers for people to be in favor of impeachment. Then use the polls to justify the coverage.

There's no quid pro quo. End of story. Trump released the transcript to clearly show no quid pro quo. Nancy Pelosi won't call for a vote. It's all about baking in the notion of Trump as a criminal to the American voter. That seems to be the reason.

Mueller Report was a dud. Now they're on to Ukraine. The media and the Dems. Apparently working together.

So there it is. This has already occurred to most of you but I thought I'd jot it down. Not too funny. Very, very scary. I'd prefer to have American voters in charge of the country and not the media.

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