FLASHBACK: Communist Chinese Helped Fund Clinton’s 1996 Re-Election

Paul Hair

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The Trump-Russia conspiracy theory has been thoroughly debunked. Yet journalists are continuing to lie about it; continuing to present the conspiracy theory as being true. So since they are doing this, it is a good time to remember that the Chinese interfered in the 1996 presidential election in favor of Bill Clinton (who, of course, won). The Loftus Party published an article about this on April 2018. Now is a good time to re-read it and to recall how no major (negative) consequences ever resulted from that interference.

The Loftus Party article includes a link to the U.S. Senate “Investigation of Illegal or Improper Activities in Connection with 1996 Federal Election Campaigns” report (published in 1998), which investigated pro-Clinton interference by the communist Chinese. Here is that link again. Also, here is a relevant excerpt from that report.

The Committee uncovered strong circumstantial evidence that the Government of the People’s Re-public of China (PRC) was involved in funding, directing, or encouraging some of these foreign contributions.

President Clinton has attempted to distance himself from these scandals by trying to distinguish his own “official” re-election campaign (Clinton/Gore ’96) from the abuses the DNC carried out. Based on the evidence compiled by the Committee, however, this distinction is untenable. Indeed, no one has done more to erode this very distinction than the President himself, who with his staff effectively seized control of DNC operations and ran all Democratic party campaign and fundraising efforts out of the White House. During the 1996 campaign, the DNC was the alter ego of the White House.

On a related note, on Nov. 14, 2016, the AP published a video report revealing that on Nov. 9, 2016, “More than one hundred Chinese watched rolling coverage of the U.S. election and participated in mock voting from the U.S. embassy in Beijing as Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.”

The Chinese picked Hillary Clinton in that mock election. Watch that report below.

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