FLASHBACK: Charlie Kirk Says U.S. Just a ‘Placeholder’ for Ideas [VIDEO]

Paul Hair

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Back in March, conservative Charlie Kirk of TPUSA went to Israel and spoke at an event hosted by Im Tirtzu. During the event, he said that America isn’t a place but instead ideas. He made other comments too, which I’ll let you hear for yourself. And after you do, keep in mind that conservatives are championing Kirk as one of their new leaders. Meanwhile, conservatives have disavowed Michelle Malkin because she thinks America is, indeed, a place.

I didn’t “uncover” the above video. People have known about it for some time. See, for instance, this June article at Spectator USA. When others talk about this video, they often use a 30 second clip of it. I’m using (as far as I know) the video of the entire speech. This way, if you think I’m “leaving something out,” you can watch as much as you want.

Kirk’s comments that I’m referencing start around the 26:16 mark. (I’ve tried to link it so it starts there but I’m not sure if it’s going to work that way.) Watch it (at least through the 26:50 mark but preferably longer), and watch a little more after that if you like. His comments about Arabs are also interesting in light of how hysterical conservatives become when anyone not approved by them talks about race.

Perhaps someone made Kirk walk back these comments at a later date. I don’t know. I’m putting this in here in case he did so that, again, I make it as unlikely as possible for people to accuse me of “spinning” things. (I say “unlikely” because it’s impossible to keep people from accusing one of doing wrong things even when one does everything he can to do the right thing.)

And then after all this, remember once more that conservatives have denounced Malkin and are rallying around Kirk. Make your own decision what this means; make your own decision about who conservatives now are.

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