EXCLUSIVE: TLP Coverage of Pro-Life ‘Rally against Bullying’ in Philly [PHOTOS]

Paul Hair

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Lila Rose and Live Action led a pro-life “Rally against Bullying” on May 10 outside a Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia. The event was organized in response to recent videos of Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims (D-182) harassing a woman and teenage girls on separate occasions as they legally protested outside the same abortion clinic. During the event, Rose and others called for an end to abortion and for Sims to resign from office. The Loftus Party’s Cranky Gordon was in attendance. And we did a Q&A with him on what he saw.

Rep. Brian Sims recorded himself confronting a woman and teenage girls on two separate occasions as they legally protested outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic at 12th and Locust Streets in Philadelphia. He had initially posted the videos to his social media accounts. Copies of those videos are posted below.

After social media users called him out for his behavior, the anti-Christian and racist Pennsylvania legislator tweeted, “Bring it, Bible Bullies! You are bigots, sexists, and misogynists and I see right through your fake morals and your broken values.”

Christians and others accepted his challenge.

Lila Rose and Live Action took the lead in organizing the “Rally against Bullying,” with other organizations and personalities joining them.

The Loftus Party friend Cranky Gordon attended the event. Here is the exclusive Q&A we did with him on what he witnessed. All photos are Gordon’s and are exclusive to TLP.

TLP: How did you learn about the event? And apart from Lila Rose and Live Action, who else did you see there?

Gordon: The first I heard about [it] was when Matt Walsh started tweeting about it.

When I got there, I saw people carrying placards for several different organized groups, including 40 Days for Life, American Life League, Susan B. Anthony List, and Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia, which is the beneficiary of Ashley Garecht’s GoFundMe campaign.

Other conservative media were Relevant Radio, BlazeTV, Michael Knowles, and Bethany Mandel.

TLP: Did Rep. Brian Sims show up?

Gordon: Brian Sims was nowhere to be found.

TLP: How many people would you say attended the event?

Gordon: CBS local news put the crowd size near one thousand. The block was solid with people. I believe it was several hundred but just short of one thousand.

TLP: What was the crowd like?

Gordon: The crowd represented Philadelphia’s large Catholic population, both the Italian and Irish roots along with the burgeoning Hispanic community. Evangelicals turned out in large numbers as did one Orthodox MAGA-hat-wearing young man.

The rally was a call to action. Each speaker, while standing staunchly against abortion, also called out Sim’s cowardly attack on peaceful women, which the crowd cheered and applauded.

The event was peaceful; even pro-abortion protesters and those defending Sims. The clinic is in Philadelphia’s “gayborhood” near Broad Street. The residents expressed mild irritation at the rally. An elderly woman muttered something about “the poor and needy” as she passed us. There was a shout of “Yay Planned Parenthood” and that was about it.

The clinic was in a state of preparedness as there were multiple clinic escorts on all four corners. Whether or not they were told not to engage, they were not confrontational.

There was a very calm but firm police presence with them setting up impromptu barriers with their bicycles and directing traffic around the closed city block.

TLP: What did everyone do when they showed up? Were there speeches? Demands? Or something else?

Gordon: The entire rally was a concise one hour, which kept to the schedule. The mostly female speaker line up featured doctor Monique Ruberu (an OB/GYN), Matt Walsh, Ashley Garecht (the mother of the teen girls harassed by Sims in his first video), and Abby Johnson, whose story is told in the Unplanned movie.

One of the highlights was the personal story shared by Toni McFadden, founder of Relationships Matter, who aborted her pregnancy through Planned Parenthood. Please see it on this video at the 38 minute mark.

TLP: Would you say that the event was successful?

Gordon: The event was successful in showing that even in ultra-liberal Philadelphia there are still repercussions for attacking pro-life people.

Secondly, it showed that the pro-life movement isn’t a white suburban phenomenon, as the media would portray it.

Top Photo: Lila Rose speaks at the ‘Rally against Bullying’ in Philadelphia on May 10. © Cranky Gordon, 2019.

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