Everything Wrong with America in One, Illegal Alien Tweet

No justice for law-abiding Americans.

Modern-day America can be summed up in a simple phrase: the guilty condemn the innocent. A Dec. 14 tweet from illegal alien Erika Andiola demonstrates this.

Erika Andiola is a Blue Check—a verified and approved Serious Person by the Twitter overlords. As of Jan. 9, here is how she describes herself on her Twitter account:

Proud Undocumented & Unafraid Mexican-American. Nature lover. Intersectional Feminist. Former Press Secretary for @BernieSanders. *All opinions are my own.

So here we have not only someone who should be deported because she is (according to the language she uses) a foreign invader, but someone who is a foreign invader who colluded with a Democratic senator—a senator who was a 2016 presidential candidate .

Where is the outrage? Where is the special counsel? The millions of dollars and the endless investigations of her, Bernie Sanders, and the entire Democratic Party? Where is the hysteria from the Ruling Class?

It gets better, of course.

On Dec. 14, Andiola tweeted the following (something she later deleted but which is available through the Wayback Machine):

Her name was Jakelin Caal. Her and her dad were seeking asylum in the U.S. She died alone in the hielera. These inhumane facilities, commonly known as “hieleras,” or iceboxes, is what the Border Patrol uses to hold migrants, including children, for days. #JusticeforJakelin

Child-abusing foreign parents and heartless, anti-American organizations dragged a helpless child hundreds or thousands of miles from home so they could use her as a weapon in their assault on the American border and sovereignty. The child ended up dying.

And Andiola condemns the U.S.

Everything wrong with modern America is right there in that tweet: an illegal alien castigates law-abiding Americans for someone else’s crime.

A person guilty (in Andiola’s case, of being here illegally) condemns the innocent.

Header image and second graphic in body of post contain an edited version of Andiola’s Dec. 14 tweet. Andiola did not obscure Jakelin Caal’s image. The Loftus Party did. The apparent Russian text included on Andiola’s tweet is as-is as found on the archived version of the tweet at the Wayback Machine.