Evangelicals Support Trump & It's Easy to Understand Why

Michael Loftus

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I watched two different interviews today where "journalists" were surprised that evangelical Christians support Trump. Two! So I have a couple thoughts.

One: They just want to get people all fired up and fighting. Maybe split up the evangelical vote. That's me being completely jaded but sadly I think it's closer to true than one might hope.

My second thought? Is ANYONE on Earth SO stupid as to not understand why Christians would support the president? For real. Is anyone THAT dumb?

It's not hard to figure out. Trump doesn't to pretend to be some Holy Roller. All he does is say he will protect the rights of Christians. That's it. Not too difficult. The Left was coming after Christians in a big way. I seem to remember a group of nuns being told what to do by the Obama administration.

When the federal government tells The Little Sisters of the Poor that they HAVE TO provide birth control, including the "morning after" pill, the Religious Right is gonna have a problem with that. In what universe do you think it's okay to tell a Christian group they HAVE TO provide the materials to kill an unborn baby? Are you high?!

Hobby Lobby had to go to court too! Just so a Christian family owned business could operate in the manner THEY wanted to! The Obama administration was having none of that.

Bake that cake! What about the poor family that didn't want to make the cake for a gay wedding? The list goes on and on! The government was meddling where it shouldn't. Messing with religious liberty.

Now along comes Trump saying, "I won't let that happen. I'll protect your freedom." Is it a shock that people like that? How is this mysterious?

But he's divorced! He had sex with a porn actress! (Stormy Daniels isn't a star. She's mediocre at best.) Guess what else he does? He protects RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. All that other crap means nothing. Nobody is perfect. Evangelicals get it. And I'm pretty sure they like the guy who keeps the government off their backs and telling them how they're allowed to worship.

Merry Christmas!

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