Election 2020: Jim Simpson Runs for the U.S. House: A Q&A

Paul Hair

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NOTE: The Loftus Party is not making an endorsement of Jim Simpson for Congress. The views expressed in this post are solely of the author (Paul Hair) and Jim Simpson.

Jim Simpson’s first career job was with the White House Office of Management and Budget. He worked under Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. Then he did what many people in government would never do: he left it in 1993 for the private sector. And he’s been living and working in it ever since. Now he is running to represent the 2nd District of Maryland in the U.S. House of Representatives. (June 2, 2020 is the current date for the Maryland Primary Election.) I did a Q&A with him about his candidacy.

Before we get to the Q&A, I want to add that I’ve known Jim for a few years. I could say many positive things about him but I’ll limit myself to just one: he has been a significant force for good in the fight against the illegal alien invasion of America.

So with that said, here is the Q&A. I made some minor edits on his answers for the sake of clarity or flow, but otherwise they are as Jim provided them.


Paul Hair: Why are you running for the U.S. House in MD-2?

Jim Simpson: I want to stop the bleeding of citizens out of the state of Maryland due to its astronomical crime, taxes and illegal immigration.

PH: What will be your priorities?

JS: There are many but the most important three are immigration, crime and the economy (ICE).

PH: Journalists helped create a lie about Trump colluding with Russia. That lie has resulted in endless investigations and prosecutions of individuals. Journalists are now openly colluding with China against America over the Chinese virus pandemic—to the point where they are blaming American Christians for the pandemic. If elected, would you push for investigations and prosecutions of journalists over their collusion with China?

JS: As you know, I have been doxxed, threatened, slandered and had venues shut down because of my outspoken objection to the Left’s Stalinist methods. You can be sure I will do everything I can to end the media lies and suppression of conservatives, Christians and anyone supportive of America.

PH: Voting seems like it no longer matters. America voted for Trump and in return Trump voters have been harassed, beaten, and even imprisoned. And now the ruling class has caged all of us in our homes and is taking away our employment. America is in serious trouble. I’m not certain there is any hope. Do you think it can survive? Will you be able to do anything as a U.S. representative to help change things for the better?

JS: Well, as I have said already, I have personally experienced the Left’s oppression for decades in my writing, speaking and business. The coronavirus situation seems like a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis, which was created by the Democrat subprime mortgage agenda. My family lost almost everything in that meltdown.

With coronavirus, the Democrats have taken the attitude “never let a good crisis go to waste,” and have selfishly, blatantly, extorted all kinds of totally unrelated benefits to themselves in the coronavirus bailout bill. I think it will backfire against them terribly in November. We will survive, but if I were in Congress when this came up, I would have put a roadblock up against everything they tried to do here.

Regarding vote fraud, it has become one of the Left’s most reliable vehicles to steal elections. I would advocate for repeal of the unconstitutional and very destructive National Voter Registration Act (aka Motor Voter), as well as other laws that restrict state efforts to impose voter ID. I would advocate for states to impose strong voter ID requirements; I would oppose all the Left’s continual efforts to federalize election law and enact vote harvesting, mail-in, online, same-day and early voting—all of which facilitate legalized vote theft. Finally I’d push for a nationwide cleaning of voter rolls and use of the voter roll crosscheck system.

PH: If elected, will you be able to withstand the pressure to do as you’re told by leadership as first-term congressman regularly are instructed to do? Are you willing to do the right thing even if it means not being reelected?

JS: [My experience with taking] many hits from the Left over the years, including losing jobs, without wavering one inch in my positions [has prepared me for this]. If anything, I will be stronger in Congress, even if it means not getting support from the Party in being re-elected. I do not depend on them now.

PH: If elected, do you have plans for a limited number of terms or do you plan to keep running for office as long as people keep electing you?

JS: If term limits are imposed with a constitutional amendment, I might support it, because then, EVERYONE has to abide by it. But if not, then no. The Democrats will NEVER voluntarily relinquish power.

If I were to voluntarily term limit [myself] after a few terms, it would be wrong for many reasons.

(1) The constitutional right of voters to elect the person they want to be their representative.

(2) Term limiting suggests that I do not believe myself capable of resisting the corrupting influences of power. If that is the case, why would I run at all?

(3) There is a learning curve to everything. Why would I voluntarily give up just as I was becoming really effective at the job, especially when replacing me with another greenhorn would put our party at an ongoing disadvantage against Democrat politicians who have been playing the game for decades and really ARE corrupt? With everyone who has tried term limiting, this is what happens. These well-intentioned and usually honorable people get replaced with others who aren’t as principled, or worse, get replaced by a Democrat.

PH: I have your website and Twitter handle (@jamesmsimpson). The date for the Maryland Primary Election is currently June 2. What is the best way people can help you in your run for office?

JS: Thank you so much for this opportunity, Paul. The best way people can help is to go to www.jimismpsonforcongress.com/donate and donate to my campaign. This is both the easiest and most important way most people can support me.

They can also sign up to get yard signs and volunteer for my campaign if they want to get more deeply involved. It all helps. Thanks again!

Top Image via Jim Simpson for Congress.

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