Egypt & Syria Plan Pro-Christian Actions after Hagia Sophia Turned into Mosque

Istanbul landmark Hagia Sophia reopens as mosque
Istanbul landmark Hagia Sophia reopens as mosque

The first Friday prayers were held at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul today, after the historic landmark reopened as a mosque. CBS News foreign correspondent Ho...

Paul Hair

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently turned the Hagia Sophia Museum, originally a Christian cathedral, into an Islamic mosque. According to Al-Monitor, both Egypt and Syria have responded to that action by announcing initiatives designed to please Christians in their respective nations.

On Aug. 5, Al-Monitor reported that Syria, with Russian assistance, plans to build “a scaled-down version” of the Hagia Sophia cathedral.

And on Aug. 7, Al-Monitor reported that “Egypt announced ambitious restoration plans for South Sinai’s Saint Catherine area.”

All three nations have majority Islamic populations. Turkey is a NATO ally. Egypt and Syria are not. (RELATED: As America Denounces Its Own History, Turks Proud of Conquest of Constantinople)

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