Democrats Talk about Arresting & Imprisoning Trump Administration Officials

Paul Hair

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Over the past few weeks, Democrats and their allies have been talking about arresting and imprisoning President Trump and officials within his administration. Some of the talk is speculation of what may happen, and other rhetoric goes further than that. Here are a few links to some of what is being said.

--- Paul Krugman Makes A Prediction: Journalists Will Be Imprisoned Or Trump Ends Up In Jail, The Daily Caller, Sep. 28.

--- Watch: Rep. Rashida Tlaib Says Democrats Are Determining How to Arrest Trump Admin Officials, American Greatness, Oct. 4. (Note: See above video.)

--- Cornell Law Prof Encourages Congress to Arrest Trump Allies in NYT Op-Ed, Breitbart, Oct. 10.

--- Rashida Tlaib Again Threatens To Have Trump Officials Jailed, The Daily Caller, Oct. 14.

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