Democrat Debates Reaction: The New Socialists

Michael Loftus

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Well...THAT happened. America watched two nights of Democrats debating. Night one was pretty standard fare. Trump is evil, I can save America type stuff. Beto made some headlines with his broken Spanish. But beyond that? Yawn.

The real shocker came in night number two. The MAIN EVENT! All the heavy hitters were there. Given that there were no big surprises in night one, this was the time for something big to happen. And the Dems on stage didn't disappoint.

When asked who's health plan would cover illegal immigrants...they ALL raised their hands. Every. One.

They are legit proposing that every single soul gets "free" health care, citizen or not. You're covered. The government will provide.

That's socialism.

Add in some of the other proposals from last night and it's undeniable: modern Democrats are straight up socialists. Universal living wage. Government run health care. The Green New Deal. The list goes on and on.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. This isn't good. Could you ever imagine a scenario where EVERY Democrat on a debate stage would raise their hand in support of government run health care? Every one! Not just Crazy Bernie, but all of them. It's madness. Why would they do that?

It's popular. That's it. In a classic move, the Dems aren't doing what is right or what is best. They're doing what's popular. Socialized health care doesn't really end up being good health care. (Insert boring stats and anecdotes here: Why did Mick Jagger get heart surgery in the U.S.? Why are half the doctors in England considering quitting? How are those hospitals in Venezuela doing? That kind of thing.)

Socialized medicine is a popular idea for a lot of people for the same reason socialism sounds good to them. It works on paper. It works IN THEORY. And that's the only place it works.

It's great if you're buying a pizza with a bunch of stoners. Everybody gets a slice. That's about the only time is works in the real world. But after the seventh time of Bob not having any money for pizza? Screw him. He's out. He never kicks in, he's just eating free pie. People get pissed.

THAT'S where socialism always goes south. Human emotion. The resentments that give rise to socialism in the first place turn it from "Workers Utopia" to "Living Hell" super fast. See Venezuela.

Why would you even float the balloon of being a socialist when you KNOW it will fail? You just want to get elected. You only want power. You think, "Socialism won't be bad if I'M in charge." In other words, you're every socialist/communist ever. "Everything will work perfect if I'M the leader."

You're an egotistical dumbass is what you really are. And I hope American voters will never fall for this bullshit. If you're a Millennial and you're reading this, Google "deaths under communism." And ask yourself, how did that happen?

There's a reason people say, "Socialism always fails"--because it ALWAYS fails! Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any "ism" in the history of mankind.

So why would all the Democrats raise their hands for a truly socialist policy? They don't care. They don't care about the future of the country and they certainly don't care about you. They want power. They want to lead. Because they really think they are the smartest people in the room.

And throughout history, every person who also thought they were the smartest person in the room and tried socialism, failed. Every one.

So when a stage full of Democrats raise their hands for socialism? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

-- The Mgmt. (I don't proofread. I type. Poorly.)

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As someone living in Australia, and we have recently had a federal election...and shock me, the left who were touted to have won (on a platform of class warfare) lost...anyway, I am a US / Aust citizen and find the fact that there are 24 hands in the air for the Democratic Nomination is entertaining - all saying the same thing. Now, Australia is far from perfect but we have in the last 6 years been able to curb the flow of illegal immigrants...have fun, cant wait to see what happens next with the Dems!