Dear Recession Vultures: What's Wrong With You?

Michael Loftus

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At least Bill Maher had the balls to say it out loud and then double down on it: he wants a recession. He legit wants our economy to tank JUST to hurt Trump's chances at reelection. Total dick move. Because our economy is US. It's people. To be okay with hurting millions of Americans JUST to get your way politically is a little peek into a very troubled soul. Seriously, who does that? Who would want to inflict that kind of pain? Who would be OKAY with that? This is one of those, "I'm glad that dude isn't in charge," moments. Bigly.

Smash cut to today. The stock market is down 800 points. Not good. Now I'm far from being an expert on the ol' Dow Jones, but I do have a couple questions. Like are we still "up" in the long term? And are people leaping from buildings? I haven't seen that yet. Pardon me if I don't lose my shit. I won't be jumping on the self-destruction spaceship to planet doom any time soon.

From a layman's point of view it looks like we're going toe-to-toe with the Chinese and the Chinese are fighting back. That's gonna hurt no matter when you do it. So pardon me if I'd rather have it happen sooner rather than later. Does anyone think we're gonna level the playing field with a power like China and they are just gonna roll over nice and easy? No. It's always gonna hurt. A little now or a LOT down the road. So here we are. The possibility of a recession. Am I happy about it? No. I'm hoping this 800 point slide is the worst of it. Color me optimistic.

I'm certainly not gonna be standing in the corner gleefully hoping the economy goes in the shitter, like a boat load of people on Twitter did today. That's the crazy part. The amount of tweets from people who just seem delighted at the idea of tons of people getting financially slammed JUST so they can win political points. What the hell is wrong with them? That's some seriously demented shit!

If you want to win elections you should have better ideas. Not hope for pain and suffering for your fellow Americans. Maybe that's the real problem. The left doesn't see people as fellow Americans, they see people as the enemy that needs to be beaten into submission. "If you don't agree with our policies we want you to suffer." Maybe that's the new slogan from the Democratic Party. To say it's a sad state of affairs is an understatement.

Let's see what tomorrow brings. Maybe there will be a rally and all this recession talk was just hot air. I hope so. But to all the people tweeting and hoping for a wave of misery to wash across America: shame on you. You truly suck.

-- The Mgmt

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