Day 2 of Impeachment Theater: Are You SURE You Want to Be an Ambassador?

Michael Loftus

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Day 2 brought us testimony from former Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch. A name I'm already tired of typing. We're gonna need a nickname for her. Fast.

Anyway, in her testimony behind closed doors it's reported there were tears and tons on emotion! What?! That made for a super charged day of TV. Everyone was ready for the water works. But they never came. It's kind of a good metaphor for the whole impeachment play. Lots of crap is promised but they never deliver. It's Mueller time all over again.

Schiff talks a lot of smack and NOTHING happens. Today was that. Again. It's getting really old. The Big Blue Water Bottle was the most interesting thing on day one and now we have Ambassador Yokonono (I may go with that) and a whole lotta nothing.

Boring day of talking about blah, blah. She didn't add anything new. Nothing. No witness to a crime. No mafia tactics. No quid pro quo. No nothing. Also no tears. That part's good. She must be tough.

But wait. Plot twist! Trump tweeted during the hearings and suddenly Ambassador Yokonono was made of glass. Schiff was shocked! Shocked! Is everyone okay? Yokonono. Are you alright? She wasn't...she felt...intimidated. Time for tears? No?

What could Trump have tweeted to shock everyone so? Pretty much that Yokonono was a lousy ambassador in Somalia and the president can fire ambassadors on a whim. He's right. They can.

My beef with this whole "I'm intimidated" bullshit is this: Would they ask a dude that? Did the mean man's words scare you? Are you kidding me? It wasn't even a salty tweet! Are women that weak? Where are the pissed off feminists?

"Are you O?" "How does that make you feeeeel?" What utter horse crap! It's laughable! I guess it's okay to assume women ambassadors are frail, emotional, china dolls when it moves the political football for ya. It's almost sad to watch Schiff and the gang stoop so low. They must really hate Trump to go this far. And I don't think they're done. Do you?

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