Crowd Goes Wild for President Trump & First Lady at Championship! [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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We found this clip on YouTube. Looks like it was shot by someone on their iPhone. Huge ovation to say the least. Followed by chants of USA...USA.

Now just for fun, let's compare the video from KATC.

Sounds like they are using "shotgun" mics to pic up sound directly from the president. This is a weird choice. As if they wanted to downplay the thunderous applause. Gimme my tinfoil hat because its a strange thing to do. Do we want to hear the crowd? Or the president clap? You can actually hear Trump clapping at beginning of the clip. Very odd choice. Maybe they wanted the sound from the military drums? Who knows.

That was a BIG ovation though. Can you hear "landslide?" Looks like Trump can count on votes from people in the stadium! Bigly!

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