Conservatives Condemn Michelle Malkin; Were OK with McCain ‘Saluting’ Communist

Paul Hair

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Conservatives are condemning Michelle Malkin for recent comments. You can read them at her website. Meanwhile, conservatives (indeed, everyone) were fine with John McCain writing a literal salute to a communist.

In 2016, McCain took to The New York Times to write, “John McCain: Salute to a Communist.” In it, the deceased senator and former presidential candidate wrote things such as the following:

That’s not surprising. Delmer Berg wasn’t a celebrity. He wasn’t someone with great wealth or influence. He had never held public office. He was a Californian. He worked as a farmhand and stonemason. He did some union organizing. He was vice president of his local N.A.A.C.P. chapter. He protested against the Vietnam War and nuclear weapons. He joined the United States Communist Party in 1943, and, according to The Times, he remained an “unreconstructed Communist” for the rest of his life. He was 100.

McCain ended his piece by writing, “He [Berg] didn’t need to know for whom the bell tolls. He knew it tolled for him. And I salute him. Rest in peace.”

Communism is the most murderous ideology ever going by body count alone. But no one objected to McCain praising a communist. No one objected to The New York Times for printing his praise. Not progressives, and not conservatives.

Yet now conservatives tell us we must condemn Malkin.

So, decide what you want to do. I will not denounce her.

Top Image: Excerpt of photo from Michelle Malkin’s Instagram account.

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