Congress Ties Trump’s Hands on Turkey’s Operation in Syria

Paul Hair

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Turkey is conducting a military operation against the Kurds in Syria. And the Ruling Class is blaming President Trump for it. Headlines are screaming about the House passing a resolution that condemns him for withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria. However, they should be screaming something entirely different. What they should be screaming is that Congress has failed to declare War, which would give Trump the authorization to actually “do something” about what is happening. Form whatever opinion you want on Turkey fighting the Kurds, but see through the deceptive Narrative that’s being promoted.

Turkey is a NATO ally. Yet the U.S. has previously allied with the Kurds on operations against ISIS. So the situation is a mess. I have no recommendations for what America should do. But there’s a lot of disinformation being spread about it. And the only way to understand what is happening is by ignoring the Narrative and countering it with truth. One of the biggest things to understand right now is that politicians and others are engaging in political theater.

The House passing a resolution to condemn Trump for withdrawing troops from Syria is absolutely meaningless. The Senate doing the same thing would be too. No one ever authorized troops to be in Syria. So how can anyone condemn the U.S. for withdrawing them? But on top of this, if the Congress really wants troops to be in Syria, then it has the power to declare War. That would, in turn, authorize Trump to “do something” about what is happening there now.

But who would Congress declare war on? And what would the consequences of that be? Good questions. And that’s what people should be asking politicians and activists.

Form whatever opinion you want on the Turkish operation against the Kurds in Syria. There are no good guys in the fight.

But regardless of what opinion you form, ignore the Narrative that’s being spread on what is happening there. It’s wrong and it’s obscuring the truth from you.

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