Comedians in Cahoots Getting Clipped [VIDEO]

Gordon Kushner

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You're not going to believe this but a Comedy Central "infotainment" show offers a friendly interview to someone on the right side of the spectrum only to deceptively edit the view for laughs and destroying a person.

There is a long, storied history of The Daily Show inviting on a guest with the sole purpose of discrediting them not with better arguments but deceptive editing.

In this latest installment of The Jim Jefferies Show, Jim Jefferies does a segment on the New Zealand mosque massacre and the rise of Islamaphobia. In it he "humorously" interviews Avi Yemini, a Jewish anti-Islamic immigration activist.

Is there a debate to be had? Yes. Could Yemini's views be considered racist? Let's ask him and let the audience decide.

Only one problem for Jefferies, however, he couldn't have an honest debate. Fortunately for his victim, Yemini took a recording of the unedited interview.

In the days coming, expect Jefferies to hide behind the "it's only comedy" excuse. Which is somewhat true.

People should not get their news and worldviews from a comedy show. But they do. And the audience is informed by people pushing a specific viewpoint and not constrained by honesty.

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