Chip and Joanna Gaines, Hollywood, and the American Divide

Paul Hair

Perhaps nothing so clearly illustrates the American divide better than the fact that society is on a jihad against Chip and Joanna Gaines for being Christian even as society welcomes the foulest rantings of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Anyone who pays attention to the news knows by now that societal elites want to destroy the Gaines because they attend a church that allegedly supports the biblical view of marriage.

At the same time, there is no indication that anything will come from the latest Twitter rant of comic book writer Mark Waid. (HT to @CaptainFrugal who spotted the followingthreetweets.)

Ive no desire to attack Waid nor do I suggest that anyone else do so. But consider how Waid is writing for Marvel Comics, which is part of perhaps the biggest movie franchise in the world, and will go on with his life with no consequences for his foul-mouthed tweets. Or consider how he hasnt experienced any consequences (as far as I know) from the other rants for which he has become famous. His employer and society apparently believe his behavior is acceptable.

Now consider how society wants the heads of the Gaines for apparently believing in God.

There is a great and unbridgeable American divide. And there isnt much point in debating about it any longer. Action is the better choice.

Thats one of the reasons Ive switched the focus of my writing from culture and national security issues to producing new fiction. (I still write about culture and national security but not as much as I once did.) Creative writing is satisfying. But its also an acknowledgement of the American divide.

Its an acknowledgment of the American divide because it is an effort to create alternatives to whats coming out of mainstream entertainment. After all, why would I (or anyone similar to me) want to support Hollywood, the comic book industry, or any part of the entertainment industry when they are dominated by people who so clearly hate our very existence?

Society attacking the Gaines for believing in God while simultaneously being perfectly happy with all the foul-mouthed rants and filth coming out of Hollywood isnt shocking. Its been going on for decades. So accept that America is irreparably divided. At the same time, realize there are things you can do to depower those who hate you. Refusing to give them money is one thing. And finding entertainment elsewhere is another thing.