Chinese Virus: Journalists Side with China against U.S.

Paul Hair

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Journalists and the rest of the ruling class spent the past few years pushing a lie that President Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. Now, when dealing with a Chinese virus that is affecting America, journalists are openly siding with China and against the U.S. They will suffer no consequences for their behavior. Nevertheless, there no longer is any excuse for people not to recognize who journalists are.

Journalists are pushing Chinese disinformation and propaganda that praises China for its response to the virus it created. The disinformation and propaganda also blames America for how it is dealing with the pandemic that the communists unleashed on us. On top of this, journalists have inflamed panic, which has given government officials the excuse to shut down entire industries, which will devastate Americans now and for years to come.

Nothing will ever happen to journalists for what they have done to us. They aren’t even being required to shut down—to cease doing business and financially ruin themselves—like so many of the rest of us are being required to do. Nor is anyone talking about the government seizing their industry like they are encouraging the government to do with hospitals and the medical industry.

But at least everyone can now see who they truly are—who they truly are and what they do to America.

So there’s nothing any of us can do to change things right now. But for the next few years or decades, we can work and earn money, build up power and influence, and infiltrate the system. And when we are finally in positions where we can do something positive, then we should go ahead and make a lot of changes.

Image: © Paul Hair, 2020.

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