Celebrities Should Shut Their Pie Hole

Gene Simmons has a great idea Hollywood.

Okay. I fangirled. Gene Simmons, yes the KISS frontman with a legendary tongue who spit blood, wore platform shoes, and put on all that make-up showed up on Fox Business. To talk politics and 2016.

Now the reason Simmons sat down with Charles Payne was to talk Trump according the chyron. The interview starts with Charles attempting to get Gene on the Trump Train, and the rock legend does not take the bait.

Yes, you heard correctly. Gene says celebrities need to "shut their pie holes" and practice their craft. He also provides an intelligent assessment of 2016, the electoral college and protestors who couldn't even be bothered to vote. I must admit, my heart beat a little bit faster when he explained the electoral college and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in preventing the tyranny of the majority.

Then Gene turns the last few minutes into a commercial for his own business and a serious plug for a cause he cares about. To recap for those in Southern California, Rock and Brews, is opening a 5500 square foot restaurant in the San Manuel Indian Casino. Today the is the restaurant grand opening event to benefit veterans. Nationwide the chain hires veterans to staff Rock and Brews and San Manuel is no exception. If you're in town, get your tickets for Rock Stars for Vets and give the boys in the band a shout out for supporting the communities they operate in.

I've been saying for weeks that Taylor Swift was the smartest celebrity in 2016 because she never spoke about the election. Her only acknowledgement there even was an election was posting a picture of herself at the polling place. I am now adding Gene Simmons the the list as well. Politics does not need to invade everything. 2016 brought politics in to music, broadway shows, soda, food delivery, cereal and even food delivery apps. I think Gene's advice applies to nearly everyone who speaks on behalf of selling a service or product.

The CEO of GrubHub did not need to send his whacked out e-mail. As a matter of course he should create an environment where employees are not discriminated against. It's kind of the law. The Pepsi CEO? Why disclose her own personal politics? As Gene says, go behind the curtain and vote your conscience. I guess I have to forgive the cast of Hamilton to some degree, they are dramatic sorts after all, but a public dressing down? #Protip for Kellogg's, companies move advertisements all the time. A public explanation was not required. You weren't alone in pulling your ads, but you're the only one Breitbart has continually attacked for the past week.

And a moment on music? Madonna, I respect your humanitarian efforts in Malawi. However, I question your example and your outrageous hypocrisy in offering to fellate Hillary Clinton voters. On to Katy Perry. She could not have been anymore connected to the Hillary Clinton campaign if she has chaired it. Add Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen and Jennifer Lopez all declaring #ImWithHer.

You all need to take a lesson from Gene. As the outcome of the election demonstrated, a significant part of the country agrees with him and doesn't look to you to tell them who to vote for. So, singers, sing and make great music. Actors show us a great story. CEO's just make great stuff, tell me why I should buy your product and advertise in the places that will best reflect your brand and your customers.

Politics has invaded literally everything and it really needs to stop. I can't keep up with the outrage machine on either side of the aisle anymore and have no idea what I am supposed to outraged enough to boycott at this point. However, I will make it my business to get to a Rock & Brews the next time I am in Dallas or Orlando to support a great franchise, tied to a great rock band that does really great stuff for our vets and the communities they operate in.