Californians Can Have Feces-Free Streets if They Vote Democrats Out of Office

Paul Hair

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Sewage in the streets, junkies sleeping on sidewalks, and bums assaulting people. These are growing problems according to news reports about California. But contrary to the framing of such stories, there is a way to fix them: Californians can vote Democrats out of office.

On Aug. 28, The Daily Mail published “EXCLUSIVE: California’s homeless crisis engulfs its capital as Sacramento’s business owners tell how they confront naked junkies and streets covered in feces, urine and syringes – with no solution in sight.”

Long title, right? That aside, it’s a good example of a current report about what’s happening in California along with how it’s wrongly framed. After all, there is a solution that can be in sight. And that solution is to get new public leaders.

The Grand Old Party has a tremendous amount of drawbacks of its own. But the Democrats effectively run all of California, and therefore the feces-covered streets and other third-world conditions fall squarely on them. Vote them out and vote in “cruel” Republicans and you’ll likely see the return of a modicum of civilization.

I realize many people will scoff at the idea of Californians ever voting for Republicans again. And that’s fine—because my point still stands: the fate of the deteriorating Golden State is in the hands of Californians.

I have plenty of problems of my own. Indeed, the whole nation does. And if Californians decide that living in feces and detestable conditions is preferable to voting for the GOP, there isn’t anything I can do about it. (Alternatively, perhaps the reported problems aren’t really that bad. After all, I’m relying on wholly unreliable journalists for this information.)

Regardless of what the situation is, I’m not going to sit around and worry about it. Sewage in the streets, naked junkies, and other awfulness are either not real problems, problems Californians don’t want to remedy, or problems they can easily fix through the ballot box.

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