Bill Nye - Scientist? Mechanical Engineer? Comedian?

Kim Dixon

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Bill Nye - the Science Guy. He wasn't a thing when I was in high school but sure was when my step-daughter was learning about all things sciencey. According to Nye's biography, he graduated from Cornell University with a BS in mechanical engineering, worked at Boeing for awhile, then moved on to comedy which allowed him to be that science guy.

I can be a science guy too - or identify as one. It doesn't make me any more or less knowledgeable than Bill Nye about scientific matters. But those of us who actually looked into Mr. Nye's background figured that out long ago.

So, he moved back to comedy...

...where he can propagandize a notion that appears to be more about wealth redistribution then science...along with others promoting the Green New Deal, farting cows and all.

It's not about science, it's about stoking fear or laughter.

Remember AOC's reboot of her Green New Deal? The idea is a hard sell so she and her friends at The Intercept are trying hipper ways to make us care.

That's what Nye is trying to pull off as well. However, his comedic attempt comes off as lame as the F bombs he spews.

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