‘Believe Evidence’ Shows How Corrupt the #MeToo Movement Is

Paul Hair

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Journalists and their allies launched the “Believe Women” slogan and the #MeToo movement around the same general time. They have used both to fuel their Long War on Men; a jihad that is accelerating at an alarming rate. Society now condemns men on as little as a single, crazy woman’s accusation. Author Megan Fox documents just how bad this fanaticism has gotten in her new book, Believe Evidence. And The Loftus Party had the opportunity to do an exclusive Q&A with Fox about it.

Full Disclosure: Fox and the author of this Q&A (Paul Hair) are both members of the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance.

TLP: Tell us about your background and what you currently do. And what inspired you to write “Believe Evidence?”

Fox: I am a journalist, author, and mom of three. The inspiration came from watching Brett Kavanagh’s reputation be destroyed by the press and knowing that it could be my son or my husband or father up there next! How could they defend themselves against a 30-year-old allegation with no evidence?

I knew then that a book had to be written in defense of men who have been lied about. There are so many examples it could have been a 1000-page book but I kept it to a minimum for the sake of the reader.

TLP: You include a chapter about the mob that attacked the Covington Catholic boys. Back on Jan. 20, you tweeted, “I fell for the first edited video too. It’s #FakNews [sic] and these kids are owed a big apology.” Did you mean that prior to that you had tweeted something assuming the boys were guilty or were you stating what you had privately thought prior to viewing a fuller video of the incident? How much do journalists manipulate the way the public perceives reality and how difficult can it be for people (even political junkies) to see through that manipulation and deception?

Fox: I did not tweet out anything against them. But privately, in conversations with friends, we believed we saw what the media wanted us to see until more video came out.

It was very scary having my mind manipulated like that. Even though I know better than to trust CNN it was the first time I realized a video could be a lie. It made me feel that we can’t even believe our eyes!

Journalist do manipulate stories to tell a narrative. I always say I think objectivity is impossible. I believe it would be fairer if every journalist had to tell you who they voted for before they report the news. That way we know what side they’re on. (Not that it’s hard to tell.)

I’ve never hid my affiliation with conservatism and I also try to be objective, but I also choose the stories I want to tell. You can’t tell every story, so which ones make the news and why? That’s a valid question.

Every person is subject to their own biases. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear what the other side has to say. I do.

TLP: One of the things that stood out to me about “Believe Evidence” is how journalists and their fellow travelers champion women who lie about men. They instantly develop a fanatical hatred for the falsely accused—a hatred that actually becomes deeper once the truth becomes clear. They are willing to do anything to destroy the lives of those they lie about. Their passion for evil is absolute. Conservatives, on the other hand, lack the passion to defend the wrongly accused much less destroy those who created the lies. So how can this possibly end with good defeating evil?

Fox: That’s a very good question without a happy answer. It’s a major pet peeve of mine that conservatives lay down and die rather than fight.

Or, worse, form a circular firing squad to destroy their own at the direction of the leftist mob. There is no loyalty on our side.

I believe that Trump’s willingness to be a brawler got him the win from people sick to death of spineless GOP apologizers who trip over themselves to be the first to capitulate to the enemy.

It’s sickening. They’re losers. The end.

TLP: In your opinion, have false accusations waned since you published the book? What consequences have those who lie about men assaulting them faced? Any?

Fox: They have not waned.

There have been several high profile cases in the news recently where men were exonerated after lies were exposed. But in each case the women never face any consequence.

It will continue until these liars get sent to prison.

TLP: Do you believe the false accusations and #MeToo movement are part of a larger culture war to fundamentally transform society? If so, how do they tie into it?

Fox: It’s all part of the fundamental transformation that Barack Obama promised and is being carried out by his team. They won’t rest until women are the superior matriarchy with the power to abuse and marginalize all men in the name of equality. That’s where this is leading. The subjugation of men for the historical crimes of keeping women down, or something. It’s absurd.

There’s nothing women can’t do or be in 2019 but we still have to hear that we are oppressed and marginalized by men.

But if that’s true, why don’t women sexual offenders get the same prison time as men? Why don’t men living with abusive wives get the same kind of support from the community? Instead, people deny that women can be abusers at all!

#MeToo is a foolish experiment that is destroying due process and those who began it will be sorry when their own philosophy comes back to bite them eventually.

TLP: Where can people follow you online?

Fox: @MeganFoxWriter on Twitter and on Facebook. And, of course, you can read my columns regularly on PJ Media!


If you follow the news on a daily basis, you know more about how journalists lie and spread disinformation than the average person. You may even be aware of all the contemporary stories that Fox cites in her book.

Yet when you read all the details together, you will realize how much society has changed in relatively few years. It’s striking how much journalists and the Ruling Class have advanced their Long War on Men.

So if you are looking for a book that shows what the “Believe Women” slogan and #MeToo movement are really all about, pick up Believe Evidence. In addition to documenting how terrible things have become, the closing two chapters offer advice on how you can prepare your children—boys and girls—for these new and unjust norms that won’t go away anytime soon.

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