American Flag Nikes? Kaepernick Says NO! [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Just when you think Nike can't mess up any more, along comes Nike. They just cancelled a really cool shoe because Colin Kaepernick didn't like it.

It's a shoe with the iconic Betsy Ross Flag from 1776. How could this possibly be bad? Watch the Video and find out.

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Fuck Copperdick, and fuck Nike, they are all acting like little bitches that need a time out! Grow the hell up, all of you! It’s the first American Flag which represents so much more then just Copperdick’s agenda! If he isn’t a proud American, take a trip to North Korea, you be treated a heaping helping of Gaegogi which is dog! Dumbasses


Nike has pulled its “Betsy Ross Flag” sneakers. Historians say it’s just as well because Betsy wore Reeboks.