All New 'BulletPoints' Right Here! [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Welcome to an all new "BulletPoints"--the show that tackles 5 big stories and 1 wildcard with just 2 minutes per subject! This week's show is jammed packed!

We got the scoop on Barr, the Dems and gun control and the latest (and scariest) purge on social media.

Sadly, I must announce that Judd has lost his "wildcard" status and will no longer be allowed to pick the topic for that segment. Michael will be in charge of that one from now on, as Judd actually takes the "wild" out of "wildcard."

This is a segment that needs sizzle! Sex! It needs to POP! It will from now on.

We're only jotting all this down to see if Judd reads the articles. We're pretty sure he doesn't.

Long story short: Next week's wildcard will actually have a wild factor. Boom! We Love ya. Thanks for watching the show!

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