Ads To Make You Laugh Like A Mother Even If You're Not One

The month of "Mothers" is zooming by fast.

Somewhere between the eerily submissive Stepford Wife-esque perfect 50s mom, and the screeching from pink knit-cap wearers, there are the rest of us moms.

Flawed, funny, fumbling and frazzled, yet so deeply, madly and overwhelmingly in love with our family we forget how busy we….

Erin, do NOT feed that cat to the dog…THOSE THINGS ARE EXPENSIVE!!!..

Kidding. I’m kidding. Cats aren't that expensive.

It isn't always easy, though, and sometimes we want to be able to talk about — no, laugh about — the struggles of being a parent without it becoming political discussion from either the left or right.

There are still a few folks out there in the advertising world who get this, and know more than anything, real moms (who are, by the way, real people) relish the chance to laugh at themselves and the unimaginably crazy ride of being a parent.

In celebration of moms — and parents — everywhere, here are some nonpolitical, sans-saccharine, no-preach ads for moms that are filled with both humor and heart:

Kraft's "Swear Like A Mother."

Yes, Melissa Mohr, Ph.D. did write a bestselling book about the history of swearing in 2013, and yes, she is a happy mom. That's what makes this Kraft Macaroni & Cheese add so perfectly funny. Dr. Mohr knows of which she speaks, and profoundly — or perhaps profanely so — at that.

Chatbooks' Busy Mom series

The Harmon Brothers, who have a string of incredibly over-the-top funny viral videos, such as Squatty Potty's "Slay Your Poo-Stink with the Golden Fart of a Mystic Unicorn" created this ad for the photo service Chatbooks in 2016, featuring an overly busy mom who is just teetering on the edge. Part of the reason this works is the writing is better than most modern sit-coms, part of it is the performance by Lisa Clark (Pretty Darn Funny, Random Acts), but most of it is we've all been there. Heck, some of us still are. Every. Freaking. Day.

Chatbooks takes us on some more Mom adventures, as well. There's very, very true ad about why moms don’t like to be in photos, plus a happy holiday version. These are so close to home for many of us they would be almost sad…if they weren't so hysterically funny.

By the way, Squatty Potty's Unicorn Gold is a real product, just as is the toilet spray, PooPourri, which has provided several laugh-out-loud scenarios to demonstrate its product's effectiveness.

One PooPourri ad, which may ring true for most moms, is their first meeting with their soon to be spouse's family. Ahh, remember those days? This extreme bathroom situation may not have happened to everyone, but we’ve all had that awkward moment with the future in-laws (several, in my case). The ad is hosted as usual by Bethany Woodruff, who has mastered the art of making scatological humor classy.

Let's hope these ads brings moms everywhere together through the power of laughter.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to fish a cat out of the dog's mouth.


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