A true Michael Avenetti story. With a surprise appearance by Karma!

MIchael Avenetti learns about the presumption of innocence. The hard way.

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I totally believe in karma. A couple years ago I was visiting my mom and I was crossing a railroad crossing and their a side just after it and a young lady pulled out and smack my car. We pulled over and look to see what damage had been done. More damage to what I believe was her mom's car. She upset worried and didnt know what do. I could have made a big deal of it and made her exchange insurance info but I didnt since there wasnt much damage to my 1996 Chevy Cavalier and no one was hurt. So fast to forward to recently . I was getting out of my car at Kroger and my laundry basket shifted while i was driving so open the back door which caught the car next me. No big deal only my car is white and the car was black and left a mark. I went the store and came and try to get mark off but rub off. I called my husband freaking out. I dont know the woman saw me and if she the mark. She left and nothing happened . I felt my good karma saved me that day though i still feel kind of bad about the mark on the car.