#137 Don't Let 'Em Nudge Ya!

Loftus Party

Here's our interview with Owen. Transcribed from the Podcast:

We’ve got Owen Benjamin on the show. Owen Benjamin, he and I go back for a while. I was on his podcast, now he’s on my podcast. He’s out, he’s doing stand-up; they have tried to slap him down. They have tried to slap Owen down and you know what? Just like Jurassic Park, nature will find a way. Comics will find a way. You can’t keep something funny a secret. And that is what Owen is going through right now. And it’s not a secret, he’s doing some great stuff, he’s doing some shows.

As promised ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got Owen Benjamin on the show.

M Owen, how you doin’ man?

O I’m great man, thanks for having me.

M Thanks for being here. Now where are you currently? Where are you right now as we speak?

O Right now I’m in San Antonio, Texas and then I go to Houston, and Austin, and Atlanta and then West Palm Beach, Florida this week.

M I love it. I love it. Now we were texting back and forth and I wanted to know what’s the club in West Palm?

O Well that’s still, when people get tickets online I send the location. That way I avoid all the robo-calling of the SJW Nonsense Machines.

M Gotcha

O My website’s hughpianist.com so I rented out a really cool theater and it’s going to be a blast. When people get tickets my wife just says where it is. It just saves a whole headache.

M I love that. That’s super smart. Now how long have you been running it this way?

O About six months. I did it, like, last tour I would rent my own spaces at like colleges or like music institutes because I figured that that was fine because I’m a musician so I’m like, oh, these people are cool. They need money, they’re down for anything. And I just kept getting canceled and they just gave me my money back because people would just call all day saying I’m a nazi. And I’m like, well you know I’m not a nazi? And they’d say “we just don’t want the headache” and that’s really what it is. It’s just cowardice. Even people who know you’re not what they’re claiming still will just be like, you know, it just isn’t worth all that. But I’m like, but it’s lies and they’re like “Yeah, so is Santa Clause”. So instead of just complaining about it I just fixed it, and that’s how I fixed it. And fortunately people that like me are usually really cool so they’re down. They think it’s kinda funny.

M I think it’s awesome. I tell you what, it’s beautiful man, taking that negative because that’s exactly what happens. People who have no intention of going to the show, all they want to do is mess up your life and mess up your way of living. They’re literally smacking food out of your kids’ mouths.

O Yeah, and there for awhile, in the beginning it was a little depressing and scary where I’d be like, just what you said, you’re smacking food out of my kids’ mouth but now, I realize the best way to look at it is like, okay, this is a riddle that if I solve it I’ll be in a better place after. That’s what keeps happening, I just have to figure it out. That’s why I’m a big free market person becaue you have to have the freedom to figure out how someone can benefit from someone else’s irrational anger. So every time something like this happens I’m like okay, what fundamentals do we need. A place, a structure with a stage and electricity. I did a movie theater in Cleveland. I did this giant woodshop in Portland, it just was packed. I remember on of my opening jokes was “Leftists can’t come in here because they can’t be anywhere near where men actually work. And the stage was this giant military truck.

Sometimes I think, what does America mean? I think that’s what it means. It’s finding a way. Like, okay, this is the problem, let’s fix it.

M Dude, it’s so great, I have to jump in because I want to shine a light on it. The element of fun to it. Like you’ve taken this and made it insanely possible. Now I want to go to a show, I want to buy tickets or a show because I don’t know where it is. Then it’s like “Oh man, he’s doing stand up on the back of a truck and I’m in a lumber yard!” This is great.

O Yeah, it’s so fun, it’s like Comedy Speakeasies.

M Exactly. I know you’ve thought this and I know I’ve thought this for the longest time, the right, I would say the free thinkers. The people who don’t want to be manipulated are the cool kids. And we’re having a better time and we’re doing cooler stuff.

O Way better time. And that’s one thing that always happens too is, they’ll come out and see…Like someone would watch me on a Steven Crowder Show and be like, “oh wow, I heard that guy was a nazi. He’s like insanely funny and a good guy.” And I’m like “yeah”. And the same thing happens with me, people come to my show and they’re like, “That’s it? That was just normal funny.” And I’m like, “Yeah, but normal funny is now rape.” You know what I mean? They’re so trained with like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephan Colbert and literal government propaganda. I know they’re government propagandists because they used to be funny. So they have thee ability to be funny, somehow they just stopped. Jimmy Fallon wouldn’t let Norm MacDonald on his show because his staff was crying. That isn’t comedy. The word comedy has a definition and that ain’t it.

M Dig it. I did a video about that on mmy YouTube channel about Norm MacDonald. I know Crowder was like “Norm is the tip of the spear.” I think that’s a little much, but I’m gonna support anybody telling jokes anywhere about anything. But it was crazy that they canceled Norm. That’s legit thought police. They sat down, and they go, “Because Norm MacDonald thinks this way, we can’t put him on tv. It’ll hurt somebody’s feelings.” We’ve gon over the edge.

O It pushes an agenda that goes against the big government/big control stuff. That’s all it is. It’s big government control versus small government freedom. That’s why Stalin and Hitler had a lot more in common than people want to admit. You know this whole political spectrum is a horseshoe is such b.s. It’s not. They’re just trying to make two socialist big government facists on different ends so that no one knows normal American Freedom. And I’m not going to stop. We just have too muchc of an ancestory to stop. I’ve had relatives die for that. I’m not gonna just be like “oh, mean YouTube comments, I’m out.”

M Ha! That’s it. That’s what the founding fathers did too. Likke Thomas Jefferson was like, “What? John Adams said what about me? That’s it, I’m tappikng out. He said I was a tranny, that’s it.”


O KingGeorge99 said what?


M That’s one of the things I did on my History Channel Show, I’m gonna be doing it again, like Historical Tweets. It was vicious back in the day.

O I loved it, it was great.

M Everybody acts like this viciousness is new. It’s hyperbole, but you gotta get over yourselves. Like words don’t hurt. Dude, I was watching old Katt Williams stuff. Did you see Katt Williams on that Atlanta radio station?

O What’d he do?

M Oh dude, he laid into everybody. He laid into Kevin Hart, he laid into the Emmys, he laid into Hollywood and the way they just choose their stars. It was hilarious and smart at the same time. I think people forget how smart Katt Williams is and I would urge everybody to check out his clip on Hilary Clinton.

O That’s awesome. He did one on Hilary?

M No, he hated Hilary.

O No, that’s what I mean, he went at her.

M Oh, yeah, I thought you said he hated her

O That’s one of the things about Norm that I’ve always had so much respect for. He’s one of the only guys ever, when he was on The View he was like “Yeah, Bill Clinton, he like killed a guy.”


O He just kept acting like it was common knowledge. He’s like, “Yeah, that’s common knowledge.” The assumption of conscensus is the funniest thing to me. Where it’s like, “Everybody knows that.” And they freaked out. They had like murder in their eyes.

M Norm will play through. It’s weird. It’s like when Kanye West came out and he’s like “Yeah, I like Trump and I like free thought.” First of all, way to go Kanye to support free thinking.

O Yeah

M Kanye will betray you. Kanye is the same dude with “George Bush hates black people.”

O Yeah

M Right so I’m not going to wrap myself…and then Norm MacDonald is another guy, as soon as it suites his comedic purpose he will throw anyone under the bus.

O Yep, but see I almost trust that because that’s what he’s supposed to do.

M Yes!

O It’s like his job is that. Hes like, whatever is funny I’m goihg to do it. And that’s why I trust him because I can predict his lack of predictability which is why I like it.

M Yes

O As a gatekeeper that’s a nightmare, when someone is like whatever suits their political agenda. Like you have to have shared principles and values and that’s what I think is really threatened now is the multiculturalism being assumed to have anything to do with race when it actually has to do with values. Where it’s like you can’t, you have to value free speech, the right to protect yourself, you know all this stuff, limited government. Or else it’s no longer America. It’s just soil and trees.

M It’s too funny man, I saw Alyssa Milano

O Oh, she’s like scitsophrenic

M But she’s like “The president wants to do this thing with FEMA, is there any way I can opt out? Is there any way that the average American Citizen can opt out of this government…” I’m like “No lady! That’s the problem.” That’s why I don’t want big government, you can’t opt out. Government does shit all the time I don’t like and you can’t opt out. Welcome aboard, you’re a conservative.

O Oh dude, I know. That happened to me once in L.A. at the very end there. Someone was like “If you could go back in time and you saw Adolf Hitler in a crib would you kill him? I don’t know if I could.” I’m like, “You’ve had two abortions that weren’t Hitler.”

M (laughter)

O And I remember there was just the rage that was always the response to something like that. And I’m like, “How do you think people feel who don’t want to fund what…I get that you believe it, but let’s say someone else believes that that’s killing a baby and you have to pay for it and you’re called a Nazi if you disagree with it? You’re upset about FEMA?” You know what I’m saying?

M Yeah. It’s just so ridiculous and in the forest and can’t see the trees and they’re just so dug in on one way of thinking that they don’t see the bigger picture.

O And it’s the forest that does it. There would be such a much more nice society if people just didnn’t have to pay for what they hated and then be called names for what they hated. You know I think this whole us and them stuff that I’m now part of. I think sometimes being like this, “Oh I’m a Centrist, I’m in the middle.” No, then you’re a coward because there is no middle. You can’t not pick when you’re dealing with socialism. It’s like, are you against socialism at least? It’s like, “ Yes” then it’s like, “Oh, welcome to the right.” You know?

M Yes, I totally agree. I would have this argument which is why I don’t understand the Never Trumpers.

O Right, yeah, me neither.

M It’s like, “The election, it’s not a binary choice.” It’s totally a binary choice.

O Of course it is. Yeah, Never Trumpers should have stopped after the primaries and support Trump. Of courses it’s binary choice. That’s like being broccoli or cauliflower and be like, “I want pizza or I’m gonna kill myself.” It’s like, no, adults make choices.

M Yes

O And Trump’s grown on me a lot. Like, that’s the irony of Trump is Trump’s done a much better job than I thought he was going to do.

M The same!

O So many people are so locked in their way of thinking. That’s why I’ve developed this disdain for the left. It’s not even like they’re these misguided hippy types. They’re literally like vicious now because they said that Trump was gonna like round up Muslims and he was gonna like take away all the rights from gays and he was gonna tank the economy and everyone should sell everything and that every rain shower is because of not science…and none of it happened! Lowest black unemployment, you know our economy is doing great, no one’s rights have been taken away, we’re not escalating wars, it’s like, insane! I just don’t get what they’re saying.

M There has to be some kind of plan behind it.

O Oh, there is. There’s definitely a plan behind it. It’s the people that we know that I don’t understand. Of courses there’s what Erik Weinstien calls Rent Seekers, rent collectors, people that have a plan. You know there’s people that don’t want borders for a very specific and extremely financial situation. And then there’s all these idiots that are in L.A. that are just, “We have to hug every rapist from El Salvador” I’m like, how do you fall for this? There’s some people that it’s in their interest to have open borders. They want the boats, and they don’t want to have to pay for the absurd minimum wages that they, themselves make. So like, these morons will be like, “Oh yeah, livable wage $15.00/hour so what do they need? They need a million people without social security numbers so they can pay $5.00/hour. It’s madness.

M It is madness, it is madness, it’s the deifinition. You keep trying the same thing over again expecting a different result. And they do these thing where Communism, Socialism, it never works, it never works. Stop telling me you got the recipe wrong. We’ve tried capitalism once and we’re on the moon and we’ve saved the world a couple of times, we’re curing diseases. I just don’t see, what is the downside to capitalism, free markets, and letting individuals protect their property and have a good time? How are we losing? I don’t understand.

O Well it’s because I’ve been studying Russian revolution a bit ever since Kaitlyn was Woman of the Year. And Lennen said that they don’t need the majority to follow them, they just need the railroads and the telephone lines. And that’s pretty horrifying. Socialism and communism has never worked except for like twenty dudes that got all of it.

M It’s too funny, like now with Bernie Sanders, here’s a dude who’s wife tried her little system of financial planning, her college went under. Bernie has three houses, Bernie has nice cars but he’s talking about equality it’s like, my god you morons, look to your leaders, they’re actively lying to you.

O Well see that’s, the people I have the biggest problem with are the people that believe in that aren’t benefitting from it. Bernie Sanders is acting rationally for himself as an amoral scam artist. Like, he’s never worked but somehow he has nonstop money and influence and power and all this stuff because hes literally just saying words that make people give him money. So it’s everyone else that I’m like, what’s wrong with you? It’s similar with like cover ups of pedophiles. It’s like some pedophiles are like so mentally broken they need to be put down like animals. It’s the people hiding them that I’m like, you know it’s bad why would you not do something? That’s the problem I have. So like this normal people supporting socialism, that’s like rabbits for wolves. It’s ignorant and narcacissitic to a degree I don’t understand.

M So here’s where I land. And I think it’s probably where you land as well. It is individuals like yourself, like myself,, like Crowder and some other people, I think going out and being entertaining yet having this belief system.

O Yep

M We’re just going to have to do it person by person.

O That’s why the Hero Archetype is the same story over and over again because it’s true. One person can change a ton of stuff. The thing that happens to people, there’s flight versus fight but there’s also fight, flight and freeze. So many people right now are stunned because they don’t unnderstnad. The rate of change is by design. One minute you’re playing with a monkey with your kids, the next minute it’s racism, and then there’s 77 genders and then Marambe, then they just don’t know what to do so they freeze up and when they freeze, predators can take whatever they want. So they just need a few people like us that just keep acting like sane individuals and then they can then follow that. Because most of the population are pretty good people they’re just…I call them zebras because the stripes on zebras is to blend in with other zebras so they don’t get hunted so they just huddle up.

M Yeah​