YouTuber Robot Head Dumps on Star Wars Sequels & It's Awesome! [VIDEO]

Dumb Movies for Dumb People - The Star Wars Sequels
Dumb Movies for Dumb People - The Star Wars Sequels

The Star Wars sequels are sadly very, very dumb. Pretty but dumb. And with so much dumb comes so many questions. Questions I’d like answered. The masters of ...

Michael Loftus

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Ahhhhh, the wonderful satisfaction of knowing you're not alone. That's the gift that the internet keeps giving. Day after glorious day.

After Disney took a giant dump on our favorite franchise, we can't get enough of dumping right back. And few give such outstanding Star Wars commentary like Robot Head. So much fun. Let's all mock together, shall we?

Maybe Disney could watch these too. They might learn something. -- The Mgmt

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