Young Adult Novella ‘Her True Self’ Blazes New Ground

Paul Hair

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What would you do if your sister told you she was a boy? That’s what Eric Kepner’s sister, Natalie, told him when she was 13 years old. Years later, a near-tragedy occurs and sets him on a path that leads him down a shocking path he never expected. Her True Self, my latest book, is a young adult novella that blazes new ground in fiction.

The story centers on a teenager who is at the crossroads between childhood and manhood, and who finds himself in a lonely struggle to help his sibling. This conflict just so happens to involve perhaps the biggest issue of our time: his kid sister claiming to be transgender. And if you think you know where the tale is going to go from here, guess again, because the plot unfolds in a way that is unlike anything you’ll read or watch elsewhere.

Eric’s journey is a tough one. His lonely struggle isn’t just the result of no one else wanting to help him; it’s also because so many people actively oppose him along the way. And some of that opposition is particularly rough because it comes from people he expected to be on his side.

Nevertheless, he plows through the obstacles. But the critical nature of everything—his desperate race against time to help his sister—begins catching up with him, and, along with his youthful impulsiveness and passion, he considers increasingly drastic actions. So will Eric succeed? Or will it all decay into disaster? You’ll have to read this gripping novella to find out. (RELATED: First Novel of Antediluvian Trilogy Set for Mass Market Release)

Her True Self is written for teens through early adults (and anyone older). It contains no foul language and deals with harsh situations and unspeakable actions in sensitive and subtle ways. And it’s a simple and straightforward read that draws you into the story and makes you eager to find out what happens next right to the very end.

Transgender characters, actors, and themes are all the rage right now. They are the new normal. They’re in books, TV series, Oscar-bait films, mainstream movies, streaming series, superhero TV series and movies, and even in entertainment targeting children. And you’re only going to see more of the same woven into entertainment in the future.

Yet you will not find any character or plot in mainstream entertainment like you will find in Her True Self, because my young adult novella goes against all conventional wisdom and narratives.

So buy the book before it’s banned. Available now in paperback and as an eBook.

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