You Guys Wanna See the NEW Trailer for 'Captain Marvel?'

Michael Loftus

Well, I think it's fair to say Marvel knows what they're doing with trailers. Holy crap! This is a huge leap forward from the first teaser a couple months ago. Highlights? The old lady hits back! Fight Club with the elderly on a bus! We get a ton more back story too!

Sidebar: How happy is Jude Law? Dude finally landed a winner. Or so it would seem.

Still a bit concerned about Captain Marvel saying she ENDS fights. Still of the frame of mind that she can't be the solution to The Avengers Cliffhanger. She's just too new. I wanna see the regular crew get the job done.

This flick does look good though. Hopefully this will help put an end to the "movie audiences are afraid of strong women" bullshit. If it's good We all love it. Just give us a good movie!

What do you think? Excited for Captain Marvel after this?