Wonder Woman Reborn

Today the trailer for Wonder Woman was released to much fanfare and speculation. Her origin story has been being remodeled since approximately 2011 to integrate some wide ranging, sometimes contradictory plotlines from her long and storied history. She debuted in December of 1941 and was originally thought to be objectionable by some. Apparently her attire was somewhat skimpy for the era. But Princess Diana of Themyscira remains one of the most enduring comic book characters and is finally getting her own movie.

I don't pretend to know her entire comic book history and won't comment on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of recent revelations regarding her being the daughter of Zeus and other twists. I will say I carried a Wonder Woman lunch box,

Faithfully watched her on Saturday mornings,

And might have gone out on a Halloween or two in a costume like this:

Ahhh...childhood memories. Which I intend to relive with my children by taking them to see Wonder Woman when it is released on June, 2 2017. The trailer shows amazing cinematography, hints at expanding on the origin story of the Princess and appears to be packed with action and a detailed plot. Also, Gal Gadot could not be a better Wonder Woman. Visually, the casting of the main role is perfect.

I am also looking forward to the wailing of the Social Justice set as it appears Diana is kissing a guy. No knowing glances with other women or longing, emotion filled embraces. However, there are passion filled moments with Steve Trevor. I expect the "But she was raised on an island with only women" set and the "Can't you just leave it to our imagination" set (these poor folks are still upset about Captain America and Bucky) to be in full meltdown if the movie doesn't give them some reason to believe Diana really likes other chicks.

But those responsible for the "narrative" are certainly trying their best to turn the messaging their way. Already Cole Delbyck of the Huffington post has declared that the new trailer makes the case for gun control. Really, he did, though not very well. I didn't see that in the trailer, did you?


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