‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer Music: ‘Blue Monday’ Cover

Sebastian Böhm - Blue Monday (Official "Wonder Woman 1984" Trailer Music)
Sebastian Böhm - Blue Monday (Official "Wonder Woman 1984" Trailer Music)

Blue Monday - Official "New Order" Epic Cover by Sebastian Böhm. Official "Wonder Woman 1984" Trailer Music. Stream/Buy "Blue Monday": https://fanlink.to/Blu...

Paul Hair

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Back in December, Warner Brothers gave us the first trailer for the forthcoming Wonder Woman 1984. It was underwhelming in that it didn’t hint at the plot of the story. But the all-instrumental cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday” was somewhat catchy. Sebastian Böhm appears to be responsible it.

A Dec. 10 post at Pop Sugar provides some basic details on the original song and the cover that appears in the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. And after some sleuthing of my own, I think I found the exact cover that was used (and yes, there are multiple covers of “Blue Monday” out there).

You can listen to the Böhm cover via the video at the top of the page. The original “Blue Monday” by New Order is below here.

And if you still haven’t watched the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, you can view that too.

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