Woman Recreates Debra Paget’s Sultry Dance from ‘The Indian Tomb’ [VIDEO]

Paul Hair

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Debra Paget starred in The Indian Tomb, a 1959 film directed by Fritz Lang. She performed a risqué dance in it, and it’s become perhaps her most famous scene. In August 2018, Krystal Tini uploaded to YouTube her tribute version of that dance. It’s extremely well done.

Paget appeared to be nearly nude when dancing in The Indian Tomb scene (see below video). She wasn’t, though, with a nude bodysuit being visible if you look hard enough. However, Tini doesn’t seem to be wearing anything aside from the silver portions of her costume during her dance performance (video at top). I might be wrong. There might be some mini clothing underneath there, but if there is, it isn’t much.

Either way, Tini made an interesting choice—one that required the little-that’s-there costuming to be firmly locked into place.

So enjoy both videos. And feel free to comment on them.

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