Will You Watch 'The World According to Jeff Goldblum?' [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Jeff Goldblum has his own show on the new Disney+ streaming service and we are legit conflicted.

Right out of the gate we don't like the title. C'mon, you people can do better than this. It comes across as preachy. Especially after you watch the trailer and see Goldblum out in the world being inquisitive! He's an explorer not a lawmaker. Okay. Big woo, he got a crappy title. We can move past it.

The clips aren't the best. If this is the "greatest hits" of what you already shot? Yikes. But again, we can move past it. Here's why...

It's Jeff Goldblum! This dude is interesting! He's quirky and kinda off in a wonderful way. That's the strength of the show. I think this is a solid case of a corporation not knowing how to sell "weird." For real.

I imagine they picked up the series because of Goldblum's charm and oddness. Then let him film a bunch of episodes. And when he delivered the oddball show? They realized they didn't know how to sell it. I hope that's the case. I want this show to be good. I'm all in for charming weirdos out in the world discovering stuff.

Karl Pilkington (Ricky Gervais's buddy) had a show that I REALLY dug: An Idiot Abroad. Check that one out.

And who can forget Anthony Bordain's No Reservations. (The 1st one. Not the CNN one.) Solid TV show!

So we'll give The World According To Jeff Goldblum a shot. Fingers crossed it gets weird.

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Lisa Tate
Lisa Tate


An Idiot Abroad was great. My favorite Bourdain, though was his Layover..seeing how much he could eat and imbibe in a short amount of time was wild.