When Ranting about Star Wars Is More Entertaining than the Movie

Michael Loftus

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We love a good rant. Any kind. From the well thought out series of facts to the emotionally charged verbal diarrhea. As long as we're on the same side it's all good.

Few things give us more joy than the growing number of Star Wars fans that have just about had enough with the direction the new Star Wars trilogy has taken. And with the latest flick right around the corner, the fans are getting louder.

It's wonderful.

So we saved you some time and compiled a few of our favorite clips of Star Wars fans letting it rip!


Robot Head:

Robot Head is just epic. Dude puts a lot of time in a well crafted argument. Very entertaining too!

Screen Rant:

Screen Rant has wonderful take downs too! It's really funny premise: the horrible execs in charge of the franchise make bad decisions in a Disney Boardroom.

This make us laugh every time!

Ben Shapiro:

Even Ben Shapiro is jumping in!

The Loftus Party:

And how can we have a best of list without including The Loftus Party?

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