When Hollywood Men Spanked Women

Values and mores were greatly different in years long gone.

Christmas song Baby Its Cold Outside has become a controversial song. And with this latest anger at American culture, its an interesting time to look back at how Hollywood used to portray relationships between men and women, including how it used to have men spank women in movies.

In case you havent heard, some people are rewriting the lyrics to Baby Its Cold Outside to make the song more consensual or something like that. Okay. But if that innocuous song now offends a sizable portion of the nation, then there is going to be mass hysteria if America ever rediscovers Golden Age Hollywood.

One of the first things I thought of when I heard about the indignation over the Christmas song was the movie version of Gone With the Wind. In particular, I thought about the following scene where Rhett picks up Scarlett for a night with him.

Cue outrage.

As my thoughts progressed I recalled a scene from The Silencers. Dean Martins character literally rips the clothes off Stella Stevens character after he suspects her of being a spy.

After that I thought about The Black Swan with Tyrone Power and Maureen OHara. Watch the two scenes below.

(Spoiler alert for this 70+-year-old movie: At the end of the film, OHaras character professes her love for Powers character.)

And then I thought about how Hollywood used to like portraying men spanking women. I dont know how often this occurred, but it was done enough that someone created a montage of various scenes with it happening.

The ones I specifically remembered were done by John Wayne, the definitive American movie star. Watch the two clips below. The first one is from McLintock! where he spanks Maureen OHara. The second clip comes from Donovans Reef where he spanks Elizabeth Allen.

People today would be apoplectic if they still watched such films. And theyd need medical assistance if they knew Wayne was around 56-years-old while Allen was only around 34 when the Donovans Reef spanking and make-out session occurred.

A movie sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey is coming soon. So at first glance it seems odd that Americans are infatuated with that series even as they decry Baby Its Cold Outside and ancient American culture.

But then you remember how modern society rationalizes things: Fifty Shades supposedly is consensual; Baby Its Cold Outside and old Hollywood spankings supposedly werent.

Actually, I guess it doesnt make things seem any less odd; it just explains why they are.