When High School Football Outshines The NFL

When High School Football Outshines The NFL

While San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick dominates headlines for refusing to stand during the traditional playing of the national anthem in protest of his perceived wrongs done to black people and other minorities in the United States, one high school football team has decided to take another approach. The players, along with other students at East Catholic High School in Connecticut, made a video to honor the "The Star-Spangled Banner" and the men and women who dedicate their lives to serve the country and keep it safe.

Now for a personal confession – I hate football. Professional or high school . . . I don’t care. I’m just not a fan of the sport. Although I know a lot of women love it, I leave the room when my husband changes the channel, citing his football privilege. In the past, during the season, I could count on Monday nights and Sunday afternoons to be like this – him glued to the TV watching NFL games and me playing the Wii with our son or scrubbing tile grout.

This year there is a noticeable difference. We live in Houston and he doesn’t miss watching the Texans play, but that’s it. He now says he could care less to watch other games. His attitude appears to be in line with many others who have recently decided to turn off the NFL. Hmmm . . . why, oh why, could this be happening?

Sports Illustrated says the number one reason folks aren’t tuning in is because of the presidential election. We are too obsessed with the daily twists and turns with Clinton’s Wikileaks reveals and Trump’s naughty behavior to watch football. This doesn't make sense. In such a clown show of an election, aren't Americans growing weary of politics dominating most of the headlines? Haven't we heard enough? One would think football fans would cherish a political distraction.

The number two reason is the lack of exciting team matchups. The national anthem controversy is ranked as the fourth excuse for the ratings decline. Other excuses point to violence in the sport (concussions) and crappy officiating by referees.

Personally, I can see the ratings decline due to the political correctness environment in which we now live. It’s sucking the soul out of everything Americans used to love. What happened to the beer and tire commercials that used to dominate during play breaks? When did football players become better known for the causes they support rather than the skill they displayed on the field? When did it become a chore to watch a game and filter through all the propaganda meant to cleverly infiltrate minds and change behaviors toward everything but football?

The PC crap appears to have backfired. Perhaps the NFL should take a cue from some high school football players. Respect the flag and then focus on the game. Stop making the professional players more socially important than they really are. Simply play football or get off the field.


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