What Would Happen if America Banned Guns?

Would the Ruling Class be as merciful towards Americans as it has been to the rest of the world?

America’s Ruling Class still can’t bring itself to win the wars that started after Islamic terrorists murdered thousands on September 11, 2001. It doesn’t oppose foreigners invading U.S. borders either. In fact, it openly ignores laws to help them. At the same time, the Ruling Class harbors an intense hatred of law-abiding Americans. And with this in mind, “The Order that Changed the World” (a short story I wrote for the new Appalling Stories 2) considers how our overlords might treat us should they ever achieve their goal of destroying the Right to Bear Arms. (Minor spoilers ahead.)

“The Order that Changed the World” is one of ten great tales that appears in the sequel to Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice. I wrote a bit about it previously here at The Loftus Party. I didn’t give much away then (the book hadn’t been published at the time) so I’ll reveal some of what it’s about now.

The Right to Bear Arms is in the Constitution. And like all our Rights, it comes from God—not from man. This doesn’t matter to a sizable portion of our population, of course. And the effort to strip us of this Right has been going on for decades, with those who wish for that effort to succeed becoming increasingly fervent about it during the past few years.

So what would happen if they ever achieved their goal? That’s a question that’s explored in “The Order that Changed the World.”

Madison Caplan is a young journalist who helps push the U.S. government into banning the People from possessing firearms. After that success, she becomes a key player in making sure the government enforces that ban . . . no matter what the cost.

You’ll have to read the tale to find out the rest. But as I alluded to in my previous post about it (and as I’ve indicated now), the American government is much more interested in winning its war in this fictional story than it has been in winning any real-life wars against foreigners in recent years.

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Great fiction—but thought-provoking as well.

Header Image © Paul Hair.