"What If?" is Back. The Possibilities are Endless

What if?....I celebrated Marvel's new "What If?" series with some "What Ifs?"

This week, Marvel released the first two in its latest series of What If? titles, posing the questions What If...Flash Thompson Became Spider-Man? where the school bully was the recipient of the infamous spider bite, and a What If? X-Men, or rather ".EXE/men" taking place in a digital world. More titles are coming this month, with What If? scenarios such as Peter Parker becoming the Punisher, Thor being raised by the Ice Giants, and a Ghost Rider cross over with a "real world" Nordic black metal band.

I've always really enjoyed the alternate universes in comics, including Marvel's What If? series, which originated in 1977 with the question "What If Spider-Man had Joined the Fantastic Four?" DC's equivalent, "Elseworlds" are also good reads, primarily because this is the one place where writers and artists can go crazy with the characters and stories, without actually messing with the main story lines.

In celebration of another batch of alternative universes, here are some examples of other "What Ifs" to get comic fans in the mood:

What If...there was an animated season ofFirefly? In 2016, artist Stephen Byrne came up with a fan-made trailer continuing the story of the Serenity crew where the first (and only) season and follow-up movie left off, giving a little relief and a lot of new frustration for Browncoats everywhere.

What if...there was a live-actionUnchartedmovie? Firefly's Captain Mal himself, Nathan Fillion, stared as Nathan Drake in a fan-made clip for a "live action" version of the Naughty Dog video game, Uncharted, directed by Allan Ungar. This one really needs to happen, and it already has a great cast including Stephen Lang, Geno Segers, Mircea Monroe and Ernie Reyes Jr.

What if...Deadpool was a Musical a la Beauty and the Beast? Okay, in all honesty, this might actually happen someday, because when it comes to the Merc With the Mouth, there's no telling what he has in mind. The Celine Dion video is an indicator of that. No, this isn't Ryan Reynolds in this piece, but this actor does a "bang up" job. By the way, this, too, has an hefty Deadpool "R" rating, and like all good Marvel movies, you need to stay for the end of the credits.

What if...Bohemian Rhapsody was an action cop thriller? You might not have thought you needed a live action, gritty cop movie set perfectly to the lyrics of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, but the clever folk at Corridor Digital say we do...and they're right. This is terrific.

Finally, I'll send you out with the musical question.

What if...there was a Bee Gees and AC/DC super team-up? We all know the answer to this one, though, don't we? It would be weirdly epic! Thanks to Wax Audio for coming up with this concept.

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


am a HUGE fan of "What if" really fun stuff!

Michael  Loftus
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