Weezer and Tears for Fears Cover 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' [VIDEO]

The bands joined forces to cover an 80's classic.

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Let's give Weezer some credit for keeping it interesting. I dig that about them. When I heard they covered "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" I was jazzed. Good call. Then I heard they did the song live at Coachella with the dudes from Tears for Fears? I'm all in. THATS a good idea!

Tears for Fears always seemed like one of those bands that could've been great but egos got in the way. They got REALLY close to greatness but were their own worst enemies and folded before the mountain top.

That's just my opinion. And who the fuck am I to judge? Tears for Fears had some big hits. Maybe those dudes are happy.

Or...maybe Weezer, by getting them on stage will rekindle something and we'll get some more great new music out 'em! That's what I want. I'm kind of a sap that way.

I like it when older rock 'n' rollers realize they had something good and pick it back up again. I'm not even a huge Tears for Fears fan. I just want talented people to bury the hatchet and at least do something creative. (Don't get me started on The Clash. Heartbreaking.)

So let's hope these guys come to their senses. Write some new songs. What can it hurt?

Not sure if that's what Weezer intended when they covered the song. But if that's the outcome? It's pretty sweet.

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair


Both Tears for Fears and Weezer performed well. Not all bands can do that in a live setting. Added bonus: they performed well together. Easy to listen to and easy to watch. Well done to both!